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Van Hire Hammersmith

All you need to know about hiring a van in Hammersmith

Southwest of Charing Cross, Hammersmith is a district of West London. Bordering Shepherd’s Bush and Kensington, Chiswick and Fulham, Hammersmith is London’s third smallest borough with just under 178,000 inhabitants. 

Steeped in history, Hammersmith is known for its sport, entertainment, music and culture and has featured in songs and literature alike, as well as being the home or destination of choice for many famous figures. Charles Dickens made Hammersmith the home of the Pocket family in the epic Great Expectations. Ernest Hemingway was a regular at The Dove – a record-breaking pub close to the river. And famed composer Gustav Holst taught at St Paul’s Girls School.

Alongside all these notable references, Hammersmith is also home to several famous music venues. The Eventim Apollo (formerly the Hammersmith Apollo). The Art Deco-styled venue designed by renowned theatre architect Robert Cromie (who also designed the Prince of Wales Theatre in Central London) has played host to some of the finest live entertainers and shows since opening in 1932. These include, but are not limited to, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Riverdance, Oasis, REM, Peter Kay, Billy Joel, Paul Weller, Jimmy Carr, Elton John and Nick Cave. The former Hammersmith Palais was a dance hall and entertainment venue for nearly 100 years before it was closed in 2007 and then subsequently demolished to make way for Student accommodation back in 2012. Before its untimely demise though, the venue was a hugely popular live music centre, hosting the likes of Bill Haley & His Comets (1974), the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. In its final years, it was bought out by the Po Na Na Group, which converted it into a themed nightclub called Po Na Na Hammersmith and ran dance nights such as the hugely popular School Disco.

Although smaller than its counterparts, Hammersmith is by no means insignificant. The area is one of London’s main commercial and employment centres and is a major transport hub for West London; with two London underground stations, a large bus station, a bridge over the Thames serving the south side of the river and a major arterial route (the A4).

Although well connected by public transport, there is still a lot of through traffic in Hammersmith being on one of London’s main routes to the city. Driving can be busy, as you would expect from one of London’s most popular boroughs, especially during peak times. Watch out for areas such as the Hammersmith flyover. This busy roundabout has the Hammersmith London Underground station in the centre and connects roads including the A4 and A219. Motoreasy.com cited it as the UK’s most dangerous roundabout with a record 287 recorded incidents between 2010 and 2020. Also note that the Hammersmith Bridge is currently still closed to all motor traffic, and is not due to re-open until at least October 2022. This has obviously caused problems to the traffic flow in the Hammersmith area and for those looking to cross the river.

As of October 2021, Transport for London (TfL) expanded the Ultra-Low Emission Zone to extend up to (but not including) the North and South Circular roads (A205 and A406). This means that Hammersmith is now completely covered by the zone and if you use the roads in the area you will need to pay a toll. So be aware as you're driving and check to see if your vehicle is subject to a daily charge. There are also a small number of postcodes that cross the zone boundary. You can check a postcode online to see if it falls within the ULEZ, but it's worth keeping an eye out for ULEZ boundary signs on the street 


Van hire in Hammersmith
There are an estimated 5 million van rentals in the UK every year. Reasons for hiring a van can vary depending on if you need one for business or personal use. But whether you want one to move your son into the IQ Student Accommodation or need a van to carry tools whilst yours is in the garage, we can help. Nationwide Hire has vans of all sizes, for all jobs, available for short or long term hire.

Business van hire in Hammersmith
Whether you need a van ad-hoc or want to add to your fleet without the upfront expense, we've got you covered. Nationwide Hire supports companies in and around Hammersmith by supplying self-drive vans as and when required.

For deliveries and the trades, smaller vans such as the Transit or Caddy are an excellent choice Plumbers, electricians and delivery drivers alike will have plenty of space for a sizeable load. Vans of this size start from around £101.98 for a one-day hire.

For larger or more specialised use, we have SprintersTipper TransitsCherry Pickers and Crew vans available. These can be hired by the day as needed or for longer depending on availability. Discounts are often available on some advanced bookings.

For temperature-controlled cargo, we have Fridge or Freezer vans available. Our prices start from as little as £127.71 per day and we can also accommodate special requests like standby sockets and dual compartments if required.

All our vehicles have flexible hire options available. So, whether you need a van for a day, a month or even longer, we can help. There is also the bonus of a 10% rental discount for business customers who insure using a current company policy. We also offer a FREE drop off and pick-up service where possible.

Private van hire in Hammersmith
When it comes to vehicle hire and self-drive, Vans are one of the most popular vehicles hired. So if you need a vehicle for a house move or clearances we can help.  We hire out our vans on a day-by-day basis, for a minimum of 24 hours, and most can be driven on a standard UK licence.

If you are moving into the Hammersmith area, we would recommend the Luton Van. Easily one of the best vehicles for carrying home items and furniture. They are not only spacious, but many come with a tail lift, so loading bulkier items is easier and less of an effort. If you have a smaller house move or need to transport a smaller piece of furniture, then a Transit van is also a good option. These still provide the space you need to get the job done but are a better option for the first time or less experienced van driver.


How we can help with van hire in Hammersmith
Whether you are looking for a van for business or personal use, our team is always on hand if you have any questions or need any advice. When you collect the vehicle, we will take you through any checks, help familiarise yourself with the vehicle, and give you any additional information you need. We always recommend checking out details such as the height of the vehicle so you don’t have any problems when it comes to your route or parking. We also recommend you check payload restrictions for the vehicle and know the weight of the items you are carrying. It is a legal requirement to monitor the load's weight, and police can issue penalties should these limits be exceeded.

If you need any more information about hiring a van in Hammersmith or the surrounding areas, get in touch. Our friendly team is available seven days a week during opening hours on freephone 0800 5244 780. Our online chat is also available during opening hours.