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44 Tonne Sleeper Truck
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Hire a  44 tonne tractor unit (6 x 2 ) with a sleeper cab, ideally suited to high payload distribution work including shipping containers, with the option for the driver to rest during journeys if required to do so.

The 3 axle (6 x 2) tractor unit has a mid "lift axle" that can be lifted off the ground using hydraulics, to save fuel and tyre-wear when running empty or part-loaded.

Why hire a 6 x 2 tractor unit as opposed to a 6 x 2 rigid truck ? (one that isn't towing a trailer)

Both trucks have 6 wheels on the ground and both can suspend two wheels when traveling light.

The benefit of hiring a tractor unit is the additional weight allowed by the number of axles on the trailer it is pulling.

Trailers can have one, two or three axles (and some with more axles for specialist requirements). Each additional axle on a trailer increases the GTW (Gross train weight) which is the weight of the tractor unit and the trailer and the load.

If the trailer has three axles when combined with a 6 x 2 tractor unit, it increases the total weight by an extra 4 tonnes to 44 compared with a 6 x 2 rigid truck GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 40 tonnes.

The 44T tractor unit is business hire only and driver must hold a valid operator‘s licence.

  • For business hire only and driver must hold a valid operator‘s licence.
  • Insurance must be provided by the company hiring the vehicle.
  • Please note, the price quoted does not include vehicle delivery or collection.
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Nationwide Hire UK offers a delivery and collection service on our UK orders.

What this means is we can drop off the vehicle to you, maybe at your home or your office. When your hire is over we will collect the vehicle back from the location you specified!

This means you have total flexibility and don't have to visit one our collection offices.

We offer one way rentals on the majority of our hires.

This means you can rent one of our vehicles but drop it off a different location. This is really useful if you need a car for just part of your journey.

One Way Rentals are available on UK mainland hires.

Nationwide Hire UK specialise in the supply of quality rental cars, vans, trucks, people carriers, and mini buses to domestic and corporate businesses at very competitive rates.

All of our vehicles supplied are current models and comprehensively insured together with 24-hour AA/RAC emergency roadside assistance so there is no reason to doubt the quality of reliability or level of service that our company offers.

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If you have any queries please check our terms and conditions page that will we trust answer any questions you need answering.

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