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Top Road Trip Essentials

A GPS or sat-nav device

There's nothing quite as frustrating as getting lost, particularly if you're short on time and want to get to your destination ASAP. A GPS or sat-nav device will keep you on-track all day long and is also an invaluable asset when trying to navigate road networks in big cities.

Car rental companies such as Nationwide Hire will be able to rent you one if required!

Travel apps Smartphones have changed the way we experience modern life and travel is one of the areas that has benefited the most.

Use your smartphone to download all kinds of handy travel apps that can be used to pinpoint activities, attractions, and experiences along the way. A great playlist

A road trip isn't a road trip without a winning playlist to sing along to. Create themed playlists of your own and make sure you have something for every mood, from upbeat and on-the-go to chilled out and tranquil.

Healthy snacks

Rather than spend the drive chomping away on snacks that are high in salt and sugar pack a wealth of healthy treats that taste just as great. As well as being good for the waistline they'll also stop you from slumping after a sugar high which is a much safer way to drive.

A first aid kit

Wherever you're headed a first aid kit should always be stashed into the trunk of your car. This means that should anyone get hurt along the way you'll be able to fix them up in no time.

A camera

Road trips aren't just about getting from A to B. They're about creating unforgettable memories filled with fun and laughter. Capture them all with a camera so you can share your adventures with family and friends at a later date.

A car phone charger

Long drives can drain battery life fast, especially if you're using your phone to navigate Google Maps, play games, or chat to friends. A car phone charger will ensure that your mobile is always charged, no matter how much you use it along the way.

Ready to hit the road?