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Van Hire Chelsea

All you need to know about hiring a van in Chelsea

Situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Chelsea is an affluent area in West London bounded to the south by The River Thames. The SW postcode is known for famous places such as Sloane Square, Kings Road and the Chelsea Embankment.


Chelsea has long been recognised as one of the wealthier and more exclusive areas of London. Property prices soar and the reality show Made in Chelsea has only reinforced the area as one of the most desirable places for the fashionable to reside. Its reputation for affluence also earned its residences the name Sloane Rangers, and the term ‘Sloane’ is also often given to a fashionable upper-class young woman.


Aside from its fame in reality tv, Chelsea also has a rich history and a solid reputation for art and culture. Home of the Chelsea Flower Show, Saatchi Gallery and the famed Chelsea pensioners, Chelsea was also once deemed the Bohemian quarter in the 19th century, being a hangout for many famous artists of their time. Painters such as Joseph Mallord William Turner (JMW Turner) lived there, Prunella Clough was born in Chelsea, and it was home to writer Jonathan Swift. Fast forward to the sixties and Chelsea was key to the Swinging London era. The Swinging Sixties was defined on Kings Road with its array of boutiques and shops such as Granny Takes a Trip and The Sweet Shop which enticed the likes of Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Artists such as Mick Jagger also set up home in Chelsea, again reinforcing its reputation as ‘the place' to be seen.


These days, Chelsea is still as desirable, and a popular destination for many Londoners and tourists alike. If you’re heading to Chelsea, it doesn’t have its own tube station but is served by Sloane Square tube. Many buses run up and down Kings Road making it accessible from many west London areas. Kings Road is still the main hub in Chelsea and can get busy if you’re driving. Along with many Central London roads, all Kensington and Chelsea roads have a speed limit of 20mph to promote safer travel, so just be aware of your speed at all times. Chelsea is also in the Congestion Charge Zone as well as the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, so don’t forget to pay. If you’re moving to the area there is a 90% resident discount.



Van hire in Chelsea

The number of vans on UK roads has grown to a record number in the last few years, accounting for 11.4% of the total number of vehicles in use. So, it's clear that there are many occasions when only a van will do. If you need a larger vehicle for whatever purpose, and you don’t own one, the likelihood is you will look at vehicle hire companies like Nationwide Hire. We have vans of all makes and models and we’re here to help you. So whether you need a van to transport something you’ve bought on Kings Road, or to carry your tools to service residents in SW1, we will have the perfect self-drive vehicle for you.


Business van hire in Chelsea

We support companies in and around the Chelsea area with self-drive vans of all sizes and models, as and when the need for van hire in Chelsea arises. So, whether it’s a single van required on an ad-hoc basis or extra vehicles to support the fleet, we've got it covered. 


Smaller vans such as the Transit or Caddy, are an excellent choice when space isn’t the priority. They still accommodate a sizeable load so are perfect for delivery companies or for tradesmen that carry tools. Vans of this size start from around £101.98 for a one-day hire.


Our larger, more specialised vans are perfect for larger cargos and businesses in the construction industry. We have vans available such as SprintersTipper TransitsCherry Pickers and Crew vans. These can be hired for a minimum of 24 hours or for longer depending on your requirement and availability. We also offer discounts on some advanced bookings. 


For businesses needing to carry a chilled or frozen cargo, our Fridge or Freezer vans are perfect. These allow a temperature-controlled cargo to be transported and can also come with standby sockets, dual compartments or other special requests if needed. Prices start from as little as £127.71 per day.


Our hire options are flexible on all our vehicles. So, whether you need a van for one day, a month or longer, Nationwide Hire can help. There is also 10% discount available off the rental for business customers insuring our vehicles on a company policy. A FREE drop off and pick-up service are also available where possible.


Private van hire in Chelsea

There are an estimated 5 million van rentals in the UK every year. 81% of these hires are from corporate customers, but many private van hires are common, especially when it comes to DIY house moves and clearances. If you need a van for personal reasons, our vans are available for hire on a day-by-day basis. You can have them for as little as 24 hours and most can be driven on a standard UK licence. 


If you are moving to or from Chelsea, a Luton Van is a perfect vehicle for a DIY house move. Not only are they spacious, but many come with a tail lift and you can request this when you hire one through Nationwide Hire. Tail lifts make it easier to load bulkier items and are a plus for any DIY house move. For smaller removal jobs, we’d recommend the Transit van. These still provide you with lots of storage space but can be a better option, especially if you’ve never driven a van before.



How we can help with van hire in Chelsea

Whatever your reason for needing a van for business or personal use, van hire with Nationwide Hire is easy. Our team is on hand to help and is happy to answer any questions you have. We will also make suggestions and can offer advice if required. We can also take you through any checks, help familiarise you with the vehicle, and give you any information you need when you collect the vehicles if necessary. We always recommend checking height restrictions for parking and finding out if you require any extra permits for driving or parking (particularly important for London driving). We also recommend you know of any payload restrictions the vehicle has; it is a legal requirement to monitor the load's weight, and police can issue penalties should these limits be exceeded.


If you need any more information about any aspect of van hire in Chelsea or any of the surrounding areas, please do get in touch. Our friendly sales team is available seven days a week on freephone 0800 5244 780, or our online chat is open during opening hours.