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Truck Hire Hammersmith

All you need to know about hiring a truck in Hammersmith  

Hammersmith is a district of West London, southwest of Charing Cross. With just under 178,000 inhabitants, it is London’s third smallest borough, bordering Kensington, Shepherd’s Bush and Chiswick.


Hammersmith is steeped in history and is the home of many firsts. These include William Tierney Clark’s Hammersmith bridge, which opened in 1827 and made history for being the first suspension bridge over the Thames. And then there is the Hammersmith and City line, which was the first ever underground line. Not only in London, but in the world!


Alongside these two incredible achievements, Hammersmith is also known for being the destination of choice for many famous figures. Ernest Hemingway was a regular at The Dove – a record-breaking pub close to the river. Charles Dickens made Hammersmith the home of the Pocket family in the epic Great Expectations. And, believe it or not, Gandhi lived on Baron’s Court Road in Hammersmith during the 1880s while studying law! 


To top this all off, Hammersmith is also famous for its music venues and sport. The Eventim Apollo (formerly the Hammersmith Apollo) is an Art Deco-styled venue. Its designer was renowned theatre architect Robert Cromie who was also responsible for the Prince of Wales Theatre in Central London). It has played host to some of the finest live entertainers and shows since opening in 1932. These include, but are not limited to, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Riverdance, Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath, Paul Weller, Queen, Elton John and Nick Cave. 


The Hammersmith Palais closed in 2007 and, subsequently, was demolished to make way for Student accommodation back in 2012. Before this, the former dance hall and entertainment venue was active for nearly 100 years. Before its untimely demise, the venue was hugely popular for hosting live music gigs. Artists such as Bill Haley & His Comets (1974), the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Sex Pistols played there. Bought out by the Po Na Na Group in its final years, the Palais was converted into Po Na Na Hammersmith. This ran dance nights such as the hugely popular School Disco.


Although well connected by public transport, there is still a lot of through traffic in Hammersmith as one of the main routes into the city. It is a busy traffic area, especially during peak times and has some hazardous parts, such as the Hammersmith flyover. With the Hammersmith London Underground station in the centre, this roundabout connects roads like the A4 and A219. Cited as the UK’s most dangerous roundabout by Motoreasy.com it reported a record 287 incidents between 2010 and 2020. 


Since October 2021, the Ultra-Low Emission Zone was extended up to (but not including) the North and South Circular roads (A205 and A406). Meaning all of Hammersmith is now within the zone. If your route takes you into this area, you will need to pay a toll – you can check here to see if your vehicle is subject to a daily charge. A small number of postcodes cross the zone, so be aware of this too. Check a postcode online before you travel and see if it falls within the ULEZ, but also keep an eye out for ULEZ boundary signs on the street whilst you’re on your journey. 



Truck (or lorry)* hire in Hammersmith

In the last couple of years, truck rental has become significantly more popular. Companies in the industries such as haulage are opting to rent vehicles instead of adding to their fleets. Hiring vehicles obviously brings many benefits. For example, it is far easier to adapt to seasonal demand when you can lease a truck at peak times. A leased vehicle also means fewer costs for upkeep and servicing. 


With this in mind, it is easy to see why a vehicle lease is a financially sound choice for many businesses. And why many depend on organisations like ours, Nationwide Hire.

A lorry (or truck) in the UK is categorised as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). These types of vehicles fall into one of three classes:

 • Smaller 2-Axle – over 3.5 and up to 7.5 tonnes 

 • Bigger 2-Axle – over 7.5 and up to 18 tonnes

 • Multi-Axle (3 to 6 axles) – ranging from 25 tonnes to 44 tonnes. 

* If youre wondering whether to refer to one as a lorry or a truck, it's worth knowing that lorries in UK classification also qualify as trucks. However, for the same reason, not all trucks are lorries, as some do not meet the UK lorry specifications.


Truck hire in Hammersmith from Nationwide Hire UK

If you operate a business in or around Hammersmith and you need a truck, Nationwide Hire is here to help. We have access to a large fleet of vehicles, so able to meet most requirements. Our range of vehicles covers the smaller 3.5 Tonne Tipper Transit Truck (or similar) for refuse removals to the 44 Tonne Sleeper Truck for sizeable loads and longer hauls. 


Hire is flexible. We can accommodate most requests, whether you need the vehicle for a day, month, or longer. We also provide a FREE drop-off and pick-up service where possible and a 10% discount to business customers insuring the vehicle through a current company policy. In addition, truck hire is included in any seasonal discounts when they run.


Our fleet includes:

Ford Luton 3.5 Tonne Tail Box Lift Truck (or similar)

3.5 Tonne Tipper Transit Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Box Truck with Tail Lift (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Curtain Side Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Dropside Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Tipper Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Sleeper Tail Lift Truck (or similar)

18 Tonne Box Truck (or similar)

44 Tonne Sleeper Truck (or similar)

18 Tonne Curtainside Truck (or similar)

26 Tonne Curtain Side Truck (or similar)


Our vehicles are regularly serviced, and hire includes comprehensive insurance and UK roadside assistance. If you need to take the vehicle out of the country, we permit travel to EU countries. Speak to a member of our team when booking to let them know you plan to take the vehicle out of the UK. 


If you have further questions about lorry and truck hire in Hammersmith, please get in touch. We are happy to help and can advise on everything from the type of vehicle you require to special needs and requests. We can also help with delivery and drop-off along with other aspects of vehicle hire.


So, if your business requires a truck hire in Hammersmith, please do get in touch. The team at Nationwide Hire is available seven days a week. Call freephone on 0800 5244 780, or you can talk to us on our website during opening hours (8 am-6 pm) via our online chat.