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Truck Hire Chelsea

All you need to know about hiring a truck in Chelsea

Sitting along the banks of the River Thames is Chelsea. Known as an affluent area in West London, this SW postcode is famous places such as Sloane Square, Kings Road and the Chelsea Embankment.


The area is among one of the most stylish and exclusive areas to live in London. Surrounded by luxurious districts such as South Kensington and Knightsbridge, Chelsea, like its neighbours, is teeming with mansion flats, riverfront apartments and beautiful mews houses. With property prices high, it’s not surprising that this area attracts the rich and famous alike. And it has been that way since the 1500s with royal residents such as King Henry VII and Elizabeth I.


In recent years, the reality show Made in Chelsea has only reinforced the area as one of the most desirable places for the wealthy and fashionable to reside. As a centre for trends and fashion, locations such as the King’s Road overflow with designer boutiques, exclusive clubs and other establishments appealing to London’s fashionistas.


Aside from retail, Chelsea is also the destination for one of horticulture’s most acclaimed events. The Chelsea Flower Show is the world’s most prestigious flower show drawing millions of visitors over its five-day run. The show leads the way in innovative garden design, pulling exhibitors from all industries and showcasing floral designs and incredible gardening concepts. And if that wasn’t enough, the event also includes vibrant live music, luxurious dining experiences and an artisan food market.


Even when the Flower Show isn’t on, Chelsea is always busy with everyday traffic. If you’re heading here for business or pleasure, be aware that all Kensington and Chelsea roads have a speed limit of 20mph to promote safer travel. The area is also in the Congestion Charge Zone as well as the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, so payment needs to be made even if you are only passing through. 

If you’re driving a truck or lorry, there are roads in and around Chelsea which are accessible to HGVs at any time without permission. These are part of the ERN (Excluded Road Network).


However, certain other roads are known as 'restricted routes' which are inaccessible during restricted hours (evenings 21:00-07:00 and weekends Saturday 13:00 to Monday 07:00). For these, lorry drivers need permission from London Councils to use them. Even during these restricted hours, you must commit to using the ERN as much as you can.


You can view a map showing ERN and restricted routes which also shows weight restrictions and other helpful information. You can also find out more on the London Councils' website. It is free to use these restricted routes. However, you will need to request permission and you will need to join the London Lorry Control Scheme.


Truck (or lorry)* hire in Chelsea

Truck and lorry rental has become significantly more popular in recent years. Many businesses are opting to rent vehicles instead of purchasing them as additions to a fleet. Hiring vehicles brings many benefits. For example, it’s far easier to adapt to seasonal demand if you can lease a truck at peak times and leasing also helps cut overheads as you only spend when that vehicle is needed. A leased vehicle means fewer costs in other areas too. Trucks hired don’t require continual spending in upkeep and servicing is the responsibility of someone else. 


It is easy then, to see why vehicle hire is a financially sound choice for many businesses. And why many depend on organisations like ours, Nationwide Hire.


A lorry (or truck) in the UK is categorised as a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). These types of vehicles fall into one of three classes:

 • Smaller 2-Axle – over 3.5 and up to 7.5 tonnes 

 • Bigger 2-Axle – over 7.5 and up to 18 tonnes

 • Multi-Axle (3 to 6 axles) – ranging from 25 tonnes to 44 tonnes. 

* If youre wondering whether to refer to one as a lorry or a truck, it's worth knowing that lorries in UK classification also qualify as trucks. However, for the same reason, not all trucks are lorries, as some do not meet the UK lorry specifications.


Truck hire in Chelsea from Nationwide Hire UK

If your business operates in or around the Chelsea area and you need a truck, Nationwide Hire is here to help. Through our network we can access all types of trucks and lorries, so we’re able to meet most requirements. Our range of vehicles covers the smaller 3.5 Tonne Tipper Transit Truck (or similar) for refuse removals to the 44 Tonne Sleeper Truck for sizeable loads and longer hauls. 


All our hires are flexible and we try to accommodate most time requests, whether you need the vehicle for a day, month, or longer. We provide a FREE drop-off and pick-up service where possible and a 10% discount to business customers insuring the vehicle through a current company policy. In addition, truck hire is included in any seasonal discounts when they run.


Our fleet includes:

Ford Luton 3.5 Tonne Tail Box Lift Truck (or similar)

3.5 Tonne Tipper Transit Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Box Truck with Tail Lift (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Curtain Side Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Dropside Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Tipper Truck (or similar)

7.5 Tonne Sleeper Tail Lift Truck (or similar)

18 Tonne Box Truck (or similar)

44 Tonne Sleeper Truck (or similar)

18 Tonne Curtainside Truck (or similar)

26 Tonne Curtain Side Truck (or similar)


All vehicles are regularly serviced. Hire includes comprehensive insurance and UK roadside assistance if something were to happen. If you require a vehicle for business abroad, travel to EU countries is permitted. Just speak to a member of our team when booking and let them know you plan to take the vehicle out of the UK. 


If you need any further assistance or have any questions about lorry and truck hire in Chelsea, please get in touch. We can advise on everything from the type of vehicle you require to special needs and requests. We can also help with delivery and drop-off along with many other aspects of vehicle hire.


So, if your business requires a truck hire in Chelsea, we would love to hear from you. The team at Nationwide Hire is available seven days a week. Call freephone on 0800 5244 780, or talk to us on our website during opening hours (8 am-6 pm) via our online chat.