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Minibus & MPV Hire Fulham

All you need to know about hiring a minibus or MPV in Fulham

Fulham is located in southwest London, on the north bank of the River Thames. It is part of the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and lies between Kensington, Chelsea and Wandsworth across from Battersea. The district is home to two major football clubs – Chelsea FC and Fulham FC and is an upmarket area full of boutiques, bars, restaurants, and booming house prices.


Once a swamp and marshland with more waterfowl than people, its name most likely comes from the Saxon' Fullenhame', meaning the resort or habitation of birds. As invaders settled, such as the Romans and Danish, and generations of London's Bishops made it their summer residence, Fulham became more populated. The 19th century saw many houses and transport links constructed, further urbanising the area. For the first half of the twentieth century, Fulham was predominantly working-class. The brewing, motor and aviation industries pulled many workers in, and companies like Rolls Royce and Rover had factories in the area. Then, after the Second World War, extensive restoration contributed towards the rise and development of the Fulham we all know today.


Fulham is a great place to live, with something for everyone. You can enjoy fine restaurants and boutiques or sample some of the best pubs in London. Getting around London is straightforward as Fulham is well served by public transport. Some of London's main attractions are nearby, including Chelsea Harbour and Earl's Court – and three tube stations are serving the area if you want to venture further afield. And if it's shopping you're looking for, Fulham is next door to some of West London's most exclusive shopping locations, like Kings Road and Sloane Street in nearby Chelsea. 


One of the downsides to Fulham is that it is a busy area, so driving can be a nightmare. If you need to hire an MPV or minibus for any reason, here are a few things to remember. 


Driving zones

Fulham sits within the ULEZ but is also part of the Traffic, Congestion and Pollution Reduction (TCPR) scheme. This pioneering scheme keeps streets open where other methods close them. These are then dedicated to residents and their visitors using the latest smart camera technology to allow only residents and their visitors, deliveries, and contractors, to access all areas freely. The scheme has been so successful in cutting numbers of out-of-borough drivers that it is due to be extended, so keep an eye out for any new road signs showing where you are and are not allowed to go. However, 99% of the area remains accessible without crossing camera control points.


Major road links in and around Fulham

Fulham is a busy area with several major urban routes, or trunk roads, crossing the area and providing access in and out of London. These include the Talgarth Road (A4), Fulham Palace Road ( A218), Fulham Road ( A219), the New King's Road ( A308), Wandsworth Bridge Road ( A217) road, Dawes Road (A3219), and Lillie Road (A3218).


Heading to an event or attraction 

Many groups travel to attractions throughout the London area every year. Hiring a multi-person vehicle or minibus is popular as it can be more cost-effective for a group than public transport costs. If you are considering MPV or minibus hire in Fulham, it's worth scoping out routes and parking before you embark on your journey. Venues like the O2 and Wembley have parking available that you can book in advance to ensure you have no problems on the day. Parking on the surrounding streets is generally a no-no when visiting venues like these. Theme park attractions such as Thorpe ParkLegoland and Chessington World of Adventures also have plenty of parking on-site. Always check with the venue for specific minibus parking requirements.


Airport drop off and pick up

The London area has six major airports: London CityLondon GatwickLondon HeathrowLondon LutonLondon Stansted and London Southend. From each, you can travel worldwide, 365 days a year. Hiring a minibus or MPV for transporting holiday-goers to an airport is common and can be a more cost-effective option for groups travelling together. All London airports have zones and lanes allocated specifically for dropping off and picking up passengers, some with associated costs. There are also multiple parking options at each for short and long stays. Check out the individual travel pages of the airport you are heading to for more information, and if you are considering leaving a vehicle, double-check any height restrictions in place at the available car parks.


Forget the change

As well as the Congestion Charge in central London, if your route takes you around the M25, be aware that there is a toll charge to use the Dartford Crossing between 6 am and 10 pm. Dart charges vary depending on the type of vehicle you are driving and if you have an account. Unfortunately, you can't pay at a pay station as you cross anymore. Payments are now online; you can make them from 6 am the previous day up to 12 months in advance. Opening an account also gives you a discount on the standard cost, which may be worth doing. If you can't go online for any reason, you can pay for The Dart at a designated Payzone store.


Tune in locally

If driving in and around Fulham, get the latest travel news by tuning in to the local radio station. The best local stations for travel reports in the Fulham area are BBC London 94.9 and Capital FM London 95.8.