Smoking in Cars with Children set to be Made Illegal

From October 1st drivers in England and Wales could find themselves faced with on the spot penalties of £50 if found smoking in a vehicle which carries someone under the age of 18. The government has finally woken up to the dangers of second hand smoke and has made it illegal to smoke in cars which have children as passengers.

According to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) 10 million people smoke in the UK, which means the new law is set to affect around a sixth of the UK population. So what does this mean for parents who drive and smoke?

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How to Make the Most of the Bank Holiday Weekend

It won’t be long before this year’s August bank holiday is upon us – from Saturday 29th to Monday 31st, get ready for some of the best summer events available.

Here we look at days out for the whole family to help you forget all about work and start forging memories that will last a lifetime. From Notting Hill Carnival to countryside adventures, there is something for families of all shapes and sizes to make this bank holiday they best yet!

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Our Favourite Summer Drives

Sometimes there’s nothing better when the sun is shining than rolling down the windows, blasting some feel good tunes and taking a long drive. This blog lists some brilliant suggestions for summer drives.

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Discover the British Isles

The British Isles can be a sight to behold. Tucked away in some of the furthest corners of the UK the British Isles can be a motorist’s haven. Below we look at some of our favourite isles, the best way to get there and the key locations you should keep an eye out for.

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