Best Camping trips in the South

Each year more than a million Brits pack up their cars or hire a van and head off on a camping holiday; from a quick weekend getaway to a far-flung adventure, the appeal of holidaying in the open shows little sign of waning. Southern England is especially blessed with a diverse range of campsites, catering for all tastes; from luxury yurts to retro caravans, cosy farm locations to windswept hilltop retreats, England’s southern regions have it all. In this feature, we take a look at 20 must-visit sites.

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How to Plan A Community Trip

Getting together as a community and going on an adventure is one sure way to boost community pride and spirit. Such trips can be exciting and worth the time spent planning. However, that is exactly what makes a great trip even better – good planning! Nationwide has helped provide communities with vehicles for every size of trip for years. Here’s some of our best community trip planning tips below.

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How License Changes Affect Hiring Cars

For decades British licenses have been accompanied by a paper version that lists additional details not included on the standard photo card ID. These include vehicle category qualifications, as well as any penalty points, disqualifications or driving convictions. This year the system is set to be shaken up with the introduction of new DVLA rules that remove the green paper counterpart portion and replace it with a digitalised version. So what does this mean for Brits wanting to hire cars? Read on for an explanation of how the new DVLA license changes will affect car rentals from now onwards.

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Key Changes to British Driving Licenses

This year saw the DVLA get rid of paper licenses and make the switch to an online electronic process. The decision to phase out the green paper sections in favour of an electronic alternative is part of the government’s Red Tape Challenge. The endeavour is designed to reduce regulations for businesses while simultaneously minimising environmental impact. Overall the challenge is set to save the British government around £8 million. The DVLA is also on-board and maintains that the paper license phase out will simplify its services.

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Best UK Hen and Stag Destinations

In the run up to a wedding, we all do different things to get ready.  Some of us have a small get together and reminisce about the times we had before marriage. Others get together for one last blowout celebration, travelling to various places to party and enjoy time with those special people in our lives before they start a new life.

From Brighton to Bournemouth, Newcastle to Norwich we look at some of the best destinations for upcoming stag and hen parties.

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Best Camping trips in the North

Looking to go camping as a family or as part of a large group? We look at some of the best camping holidays in Scotland, Wales and the North of England to help choose the perfect pitch for you to bed down and relax.

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Best Festivals of 2015

Festivals come in all shapes and sizes, some are legendary and some are unknown. We take a look at the best day and weekend festivals across the nation and Europe as well as the best transport option for each one.

Tramlines – 24th-26th July

Located in the heart of Sheffield and based in the city’s top venues including the Sheffield Cathedral, this weekend long event offers the fun and frolics of a festival without the need to camp.

At £30 for a full weekend ticket, Tramlines hosts some of the world’s top artists and still manages to be affordable. This year acts include Wu Tang Clan, Basement Jaxx, The Charlatans and many more.

Travel options: Due to Sheffield’s complex one way systems, the easiest way to travel to the city is via train. No matter where you are coming from the journey offers stunning scenes of the surrounding Pennines.

Somersault Festival – 23rd – 27th July

From the same team behind the award winning Wilderness Festival, this North Devon event in Castle Hill offers something for everyone. With a programme of top acts including Bombay Bicycle Club, the legendary Jimmy Cliff and Crystal Fighters this festival is a must for any music lovers.

Tickets which vary between £82 to £145 give access to tonnes of activities from yoga to trekking, alternative circus and street performers and much more. For an event with a difference, this is ideal for families looking to experience a fun day out.

Travel options: Based in the heart of the South West, Somersault Festival has a variety of travel options. Looking to make the journey an experience? Why not drive there? Rent a car, roll down your windows and feel the fresh air flood in as you travel towards a weekend where anything is possible.

Træna Festival – 9th – 11th July

Maybe a little too ‘out there’ for many, based in Norway the annual festival is on a little island surrounded by shining waters and swooping sea eagles.

All 500 residents of Træna, one of the smallest municipalities in Norway, take part in the event which has a programme of cutting edge music. With electro-pop from Emilie Nicolas and performances from South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord this is the perfect event to explore remote landscapes and experience one of the best events available for £110 – on a lump of rock at the edge of the Arctic circle.

Travel options: Træna can only be reached by boat. Whether it is from Sandnessjøen, Nesna and Stokkvågen  – experience the sea and arctic circle like never before on your journey to one of the most remote and unique festivals in the world.

Famous Vehicles from Throughout History

Over years both TV screens and silver screens have played host to some remarkable acting talent. Although often, the leading ladies and gents will be far outshone by their four wheeled counterparts that capture the hearts and imaginations of viewers. To celebrate the mechanical superstars of the past few decades we’ve put together a rundown of history’s most iconic wheels.

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Top Road Trip Essentials

Hitting the road for a summer adventure is incredible exciting, especially if there’s a sweet set of wheels involved. Like every trip, planning is the key to success and should never be overlooked, no matter how long or short your adventure. To help you pull of a successful road trip this summer we’ve put together a list of essentials that every car should carry.

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The Strangest Driving Laws Around the World

Thought making the switch from driving on the left to driving on the right was hard enough? In some countries there are some seriously strange driving laws which almost seem too farfetched to be true! Read on and let us know your thoughts…


  • In Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to get behind the wheel – ever. In fact, it’s the only country in the world that still enforces this law. This is despite the fact that women now make up 13% of the nation’s native workforce, and the fact that young male children are often seen driving.


  • If you’re cruising around Cyprus don’t munch on a burger or sip on a soft drink as it could cost you a US $130 fine.


  • France may be famous for its wine but if you’re planning on drinking a glass before driving home, you’ll need to carry your own breathalyser kit. Enforcement is pretty lapse however the rule does exist!


  • Got a messy car? You may want to give it a spring clean if you’re heading to Russia as driving dirty can result in being issued with a US $62 fine.


  • Keep a close eye on your fuel gauge when driving on Germany’s Autobahn as running your tank down to zero is against the law!


  • In Sweden drivers are supposed to keep their headlights on 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Even in the summer months when the sun barely sets!


  • If you wear prescription glasses while driving in Spain be sure to carry around a spare pair in the glove box. Otherwise you could risk a fine or driving penalty.


  • The Japanese are adamant about keeping their roads safe and enforce a law which makes it illegal for sober drivers to ride with drunk drivers.


  • It may seem obvious but apparently Alabama needs to spell it out – there’s a rule which states: Don’t drive blindfolded!


  • You’re not supposed to drink and drive anywhere however in Costa Rica a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.75% will get you a one way ticket to jail.


  • Don’t set off in Denmark unless you’ve checked that there’s no one underneath your car.


  • Travelling with a pooch? In Alaska it’s illegal to tether a dog to the roof of your car. We’re not sure who would want to though!


  • If you happen to live in Florida and own an elephant, be prepared to fork out for parking!


What’s the weirdest road traffic law you’ve encountered while renting a car abroad? We want to hear about it!