How License Changes Affect Hiring Cars

For decades British licenses have been accompanied by a paper version that lists additional details not included on the standard photo card ID. These include vehicle category qualifications, as well as any penalty points, disqualifications or driving convictions. This year the system is set to be shaken up with the introduction of new DVLA rules that remove the green paper counterpart portion and replace it with a digitalised version. So what does this mean for Brits wanting to hire cars? Read on for an explanation of how the new DVLA license changes will affect car rentals from now onwards.

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Best Fuel Saving Techniques

With the price of fuel on a seemingly upward spiral, motorists should be doing everything they can to slash their petrol consumption. As well as saving cash minimising emissions is also an integral part of increasing air quality, preserving the natural environment and helping the EU reach its ’20-20-20’ targets. Did you know that across the globe, the transportation sector is responsible for a colossal 13% of total greenhouse gas emissions? Cars are a major offender which means drivers should make a conscious effort to minimise their footprints.

So what can you do to save fuel? Read on for our top tips and techniques on how to slash gas bills, no matter what vehicle you’re driving.

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Key Changes to British Driving Licenses

This year saw the DVLA get rid of paper licenses and make the switch to an online electronic process. The decision to phase out the green paper sections in favour of an electronic alternative is part of the government’s Red Tape Challenge. The endeavour is designed to reduce regulations for businesses while simultaneously minimising environmental impact. Overall the challenge is set to save the British government around £8 million. The DVLA is also on-board and maintains that the paper license phase out will simplify its services.

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